For Developers – Firefox Vs Google Chrome

In the present war of Web Browsers, Google Chrome is continuing to grow faster and better but there are some reasons or loop holes in Chrome which are needed to fill up. I am not against using Google Chrome for development purpose but there are still some things which makes the Firefox a better option above Chrome. I decided to write this post now in the hope that maybe somebody at Google reads it and does something to address these issues that more than often really upsets many of us, as we do not want to be switching browsers all the time. Lets go to things which gives Firefox a better hand over Chrome are:

HTML Source Code Viewing

Web development is simply writing HTML codes and during the development HTML codes are some times written incorrectly or even wrongly. Thus we need to view the source code again and again to view where something is wrong and in Firefox, it is a very handy feature and which allows you to view only the selected selectors. Firefox is even more handy in the case where we view source code of AJAX content without having to view entire code or debugging AJAX requests. Chrome has the extension available to view Firefox like HTML view source code but it still missing AJAX feature.

HTML Validation

HTML validation is a Firefox extension that adds HTML validation inside Firefox and Mozilla. The number of errors of an HTML page is seen on the form of an icon in the status bar when browsing. Google Chrome has plenty of extensions but nothing was near Firefox Extension validation. Some only used the W3School validation service which is not good when the development is for non-public project or even the user is logged in for development. Firefox doesn’t depend on the external validation service and the speed of development is also increased as developer can view the validation during development process and not to wait for completing development and then validation. Another reason, if you are doing travelling or internet is not available then Firefox extension can work even without external source but in case of Google Chrome nothing is available.

HTML Code with Javascript

Sometimes you need to test your site with JavaScript disabled. The only way to enable/disable it in Chrome is going to preferences and it really a drag. For Chrome there is also the Web Developer extension by the same developer but it does not provide a means to disable JavaScript. In Firefox extension Chris Pederick to add a button to the browser toolbar to quickly disable and re-enable JavaScript any time you want.The problem is due to a limitation of the Chrome API exposed to extensions. It does not provide a way to disable JavaScript from extensions. There is a feature request for the Chromium project to implement the necessary support to disable JavaScript. The feature implementation was even assigned about 1 year ago to be implemented, but it never happened. Oddly users were disallowed to post further comments to that feature request.

Buttons space below status bar or below address bar

One good thing about Firefox and most other browsers is that you can have useful buttons below in the browser window in the status bar. That is where the Firebug and other useful extension buttons appear. When you want to use them, it is very easy to click a button to open Firebug and debug your JavaScript code. Chrome practically eliminated the status bar. It is only used to show some temporary messages. Eventually you will get used to this but it would be much more user-friendly if you could reach those extensions if they appeared in the status bar below or even at the browser window top or bottom.

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