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Backup your Gmail Account

Do you use Gmail? Of course you do – doesn’t everybody?
The Google gives you tons of space to store your precious email and attachments. We have found ways to use that space for our evil practical ways. We all know The Google backs up regularly and runs some of the biggest redundant data centers in the world, but do you really trust your emails.
On Feb, 28 – A strange thing happened and was bit bizarre for the search giants Google. Google confirmed that about 0.08% Gmail users around the world who have their accounts, every e-mail, application, contact and calendar were deleted in nanoseconds.
The problem occurred when thousands of users logged into their accounts and found out that all the personal details and information were erased. The funny thing about it is that many accounts were reset and were given the Google’s welcome message and tutorials.
One frustrated users writes – “I have lost ALL on my e-mails/folders etc from Gmail. Why would this happen? How can I restore everything?”. Another user writes- “All my account settings, e-mail, labels, contacts etc has just disappeared.”
Meanwhile, Google is trying hard to restore every single accounts which is merely used by 200 million people. “We’ve already fixed the problem for some individuals. Our engineers are working as quickly as possible and we hope to have everything back to normal soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience to our customers,” Google spokesperson told Huffington.
How to create a backup of Gmail
There are many options available that are
1. is a handy tool that automatically performs scheduled backups for a number of popular online services including Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter and others. You won’t have to put too much effort into the whole backup process — just supply the login credentials of the sites you want backed up and Backupify takes care of the rest. Be aware though that you’re essentially moving your info from one cloud to another. For free members 1 GB space is Free and gonging above that space mark is paid.
2. Second option is using the Outlook Express, Thunderbird and other tools which download all your email to your hard drive and you can easily have the access to all the emails. Even Google Provide the help about setup of these accounts.
3. Third option is to setup POP3 mail Forwarding option. Setup the email Forwarding option for all the email whether they are old or new to another account to Hotmail or Yahoo. This will create a automatic backup of your emails daily or for every email that arrives.
4. Download the Software known as GMail Backup. A very good software and it will download all the mails to you hard drive with email labels. You can also restore email any time with this tool. The Tools is very hand and uses less than 1 MB of space for installation.
Now creating a Backup of Gmail is a good option and I am using GMail Backup.
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