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SEO – Keywords and Ranking Factor

Everybody want to gain maximum amount of Traffic of Web and this can only reached through Optimization of Web site. For those who know what effects the Page Ranking its an easy task and for others is a hell of a Job. The one and the most important thing about Optimization is the Keywords. So, which keywords one use on different pages is always a great concern and another is the effect of specific keyword on the page ranking. Following are the places where to use the Keyword and at which position are:

1. Keywords in Title Tag

Keywords in the title is one of the most important in Search Engine Optimization. I would say that Keywords in Title Tags works as spotlight for attraction of the Web Traffic. Keywords in Title are compared with contents and other things. Sometime ago, I have written the Article about , which describes the importance of Title Tag. Now, I will let you know the effects and how they are relevant to the Optimization are:
i) Keywords use anywhere in the Title Tag. First Optimization rule is always use the Title Tag Keywords on Web Page. If the words in Title Tag are used as Heading Tag then the importance of the Web Page increases. Try to provide the Meaning full Title Tag. Always try to create title for Human Beings and not for Computers it creates more relevancy.
ii) First Word of Title Tag:  All the Keywords provided in Title Tag are important, but the First word gives the more importance and to make more relevancy don’t use the First Keyword as Website Name and Make sure that it is in proper case. As the uppercase and lowercase gives the impression that it is for robots and generated/created by computer itself as the Proper Case is only written by Human beings but can also achieved through small Programming.
iii) Keywords stuffing: Don’t try to over stuffing the Title Tags as the going beyond the limits is always dangerous. Most of the work of Ranking is done by robots/programming and stuffing of irrelevant keywords makes it give negative points. Thus, it is always advised to use the Keywords which are relevant to your webpage and not to the relevant about the article. Try to find out appropriate title through searching the web also.
iv) Length of Title Tag: It is mostly seen on many blogs the recommendation of Length of the Title, some say it would good to have 65 characters Length and some says it as 120 and even I come across some websites which has written about 300 character length of the Title tag. According to me, Length of the Title Tag Should be more than 80 Characters. Why 80 Characters, the most of the computer programs are written through command line operation and you would be surprised that starting programs like wordstar, Lotus 123 and many other Dos based programs have 80 Columns length. Even today all the Emails are set with the maximum length of 80 Characters, if you view the source code.

2. Keywords in Anchor Tag

Anchor Text keywords plays very important effect on the optimization rules. Sometime before, I had written a small article on , which describes how the keywords plays an important role in assessment in web page. It is also important to note that Internal and External Anchor text are assessed differently and the number’s of Internal and External Links also effects the Optimization. Don’t try to give hundred’s of Internal/External, giving excessive Links would also punish’s the Web Pages.

3. First 50-100 Words on Web Page

It is very important to note down that First 50 words of the web page are very important and the relevancy of First 50 Words are compared with Keywords in Title Tag and also with Anchor Tags, It becomes more important which these 50 words when the reader is robot. Robot is not a human being and the First 50 words are considered more important in determination of Category and Other things about web Page. For reading the First word of the Web page HTML are deleted and read every words from HTML Body Tag, as the Processing of Header Tag is done differently.

4. Keywords in Image Alt

Images plays important part for users as it is very well said A Picture can describe things instantly to every one even without speaking a word. Don’t try to use the heavy pictures which will slow down the loading of the website. Keywords used in ALT has of Image and the Keywords in Anchor Text/Title/Heading Tags are viewed as co-relation with each other. Robots are not human beings and the Pics are irrelevant to them but by the keywords in ALT tag to describe the Picture plays an important role.

5. Keywords in Page Url

I believe that keywords used in page URL are now considered as very important and nowadays even more important than Title tag. The major effect I have seen these days the search query of the Google, if you view the changes made in the Google query term of searching you will find that earlier they are using variable `q` as to describe the keywords for searching purposes and nowadays if you view the search string of Google you will find that they had replaced the `q` with `url` with indicates that the Keywords in Page Url are considered more relevant than page title or even the contents of the web page.

6. Keywords in Meta Description

Providing the good description to the Web Page is important as in most cases I have found that the Search Engine prefer to display the title and meta tag description as results. Try to include the Title/Anchor/Heading/Url keywords in Meta Tag Description. But there is no proof upto now that Keywords in Meta Description plays any role in Indexing purposes. I have found that Meta Tags are used to access the relevancy of the Web Page rather than providing a ranking factor, thus it become more important to provide the Keywords in Meta Tag Description.

7. Keywords in i or em or strong Tags

Words used to highlight the text as bold or underline and other such things and Keywords are considered as Raking Factors, Thus the keywords used in bold etc are also become the important part of the SEO rules.
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HTML Title Tag – SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of increasing the ranking of your website or web page across search engines using different tools and techniques. A good search engine professional is always in high demand because there are millions of websites already on the internet and there are many more flooding the internet each day with the intention of reaching out their target audience. This is possible on with the help of a SEO expert who understands the nuances of search engine algorithms and can implement various techniques.
Today, I am writing about HTML Title Tag and it is One of the Most Important Thing in SEO World. According to my view the Title Tag effects upto 25% i.e. 1/4, of the SEO, There are many reasons for giving such signification to HTML Title Tag. According to Google Reports about Elements used by Web Pages 98% pages uses TITLE tag but only 40-50% have given proper and appropriate TITLE Tag.

Why HTML Title Tag is so much Important?

There are many reasons but some of the important reasons are:
  1. Page Title Contents are displayed by search engine in results. If your document appears in a search results page, the contents of the title tag will usually appear in the first line of the results. Words in the title are bolded if they appear in the user’s search query. This can help users recognize if the page is likely to be relevant to their search.
  2. Title Tag Helps Search Engine in Indexing: To understand things under take an example that you have 1 TB of pages and if somebody says you to arrange them then what would you do. You will create many Folder of Subjects and While file reading the file Name or through Code by reading the Title Tag, roughly arrange the Pages in the Folders. Now what every is done is a system of automation and thus according to Title Tags documents would be arranged according to Folder’s Names, this is the rough process or you can say initial process.
  3. Page Title Tag’s used in Bookmarks: Try to make a bookmark of any webpage and see how it stores the page,  the bookmarking function stores the Title Tag in the Bookmarks, so if you have the good title tag than visitor would come again and again to your website and if visitor uses Online Bookmarking services then there would be positive ranking as visitor must have given the specific category to you page and with specific category would be interesting to view.
  4. History: Now, if you have seen the History of Web by pressing by Crtl H then you can view the web pages visited by you and the thing show to you is the Page Title Tag and thus again it is important for the person to easily visit your website again.
  5. Given Importance while Indexing Content: Now, in present world the competition is very high and the fact of title tag is known by many SEO Experts and Marketing persons, Google has started just ignoring the Title but what while analyzing other things such as description, content quality and other things the Title Tag is also check and according to the Title Tag and Contents gives the Ranking Factors.

Rules for SEO – Title Tag

There are many rules described by various authors & SEO Experts but no body try to think why rule is made and does the rule would be in limited or any body can extend rules and thus, if the Rules are extended what show be the tread of next Rule. Google is updating his Panda about 200 times in a new and new Rules are daily checked by various SEO Experts and their own pattern or theories. But, I will try to let know the basic rules which can’t be changed and if these rules are changed then all the web search results will changed. Let us see what are the basic rules:
1. Every page must have a unique title. Do not put the same title on every page of your website as the total process is automatic in first instance and thus putting the same title tag means the spider/crawler has fetched the wrong content and thus required human verification and which will take time and time means that your website to be appeared not in Top 100 Websites. Another reason is that Spider/Crawler things that every web page as different page and if the Title Page is same it can also not Crawl the website properly for the algorithm reason and left the website in between any where.
2. I visited many websites and found that many web pages are CASE TITLE TAG which is also a negative point always use the lower case or Title Case, the reason is that users who type the search queries doesn’t type the Upper Case of Title Case, they only type in lower case and thus the title tag which have lower case given more rank then Title Case tag and Title Case give more rank that CASE TITLE. Thus the lower case is recommended then Title Case and then CASE TITLE.
3. Title Case must have a length of 16 Characters and long upto 64, many search engine like Google can give more than 64 and I think upto 127 Characters length. Character less and 16 and more than 64 were given the less rank then title tag between 1 to 64 Characters. The basic reason is that the computer’s memory reading cycle as in 32 bit computers the reading cycle is 32 bits and in 64 bit computer the min reading cycle is 64 bits and thus if the length is in between them the Website is given more rank them others as the system doesn’t have to take less or more round of memory reading cycle.
4. Many people do link exchange with many websites and they don’t describe the title tag which linking websites  or other pages, the Anchor Tag with Title Tag is preferred then without Title Tag and if the Title Tag is same as the HTML Title Tag then it the advantage to the person linking the website and the website which is linked, the main reason is that the person who is linking the page have gone through the contents of the Other website referred by person and website which is linked must have something unique which was referred by person.
5. Kindly don’t use the “Untitled Page” or “Home Page” only with the Title Page as if the Tag is same then at the time of indexing the content all the web pages with such Title Tags are given to the human verification system and Human can only work limited hours and don’t know when your website would be verified by Human beings or Search Engine Experts.
6. Give a proper Title which provide the good information about the contents of the Web Page and not by the information about yourself or your company. The basic example about this on Contact Us pages many developers provide the Title Tag of Contact Us but I recommend the Title of Company Name then the Contact Us, this means the how to contact the company.
7, Since the Length of the Characters is limited and thus use the Meta Description tag to give some brief information about Web Page as it would be great for the for Search Engine Ranking.
8. Always try to provide Numbers in Title Tags than in Words as the Title Have less Characters and reading and indexing of Integer will take less time then Words in Title Case.
9. If you are using Company Name in the title then also include the symbol of copyright symbol(©), the trademark symbol (™), and the registered trademark symbol (®) in titles by referring as ASCII Code as these are also displayed the Search Engine correctly.
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